“To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.”
- Buckminster Fuller


Healthcare organizations and their clinical teams are at a tipping point. Burnout and frustration have never been higher. Front-line workers are overwhelmed with managing the multiple IT systems that clutter healthcare. This environment of cobbled-together systems is a by-product of the lack of a collective design effort and systems engineering approach.

Our mobile-centric design philosophy uses the smartphone as the essential device to allow healthcare workers to easily and securely access our multiple Vortex platform modules, including other critical systems (such as EHRs) with one touch – saving time, simplifying workflow and increasing satisfaction. Similar to how we use our mobile device as the principle tool to accomplish everyday tasks such as communication, accessing information, map navigation, ridesharing, banking or streaming media, Vortex intuitively incorporates multiple functions into one centralized mobile solution – a combinatorial technology method. This combinatorial approach leverages multiple technologies into a single hub that improves the quality of care, productivity and security, while disrupting cost models to provide extraordinary benefit to the patient, clinician and organization.  With Vortex, users enjoy a one-stop experience that fosters rapid continuous learning, providing an opportunity to enhance clinical workflow, empower teams and optimize performance throughout the healthcare ecosystem.