Unified Platform

ShareSafe’s Unified Platform is a breakthrough in technology that integrates security, communication, education and accountability. The cloud-based system offers a collection of modular products. Previously separate modes of authentication, communication, and content are now integrated into a single platform. ShareSafe’s products can be implemented simply and painlessly as a turnkey integrated system or as separate products to fit your organizational needs.


Private and Protected

ShareSafe provides industrial strength, end-to-end, adaptive security for its clients. With its front-end mobile identity authentication login system, ShareSafe significantly improves password management and reduces intrusion risks while enhancing employee productivity and satisfaction. Using private cloud-based servers, separately caged databases for each client, data encryption, firewalls and secure socket layers, ShareSafe wraps your communication network and digital assets in a protected ecosystem. By providing real-time data on authentication, system performance and cybersecurity status, ShareSafe delivers 360-degree, real-time telemetry of intrusion efforts for rapid detection and resolution. No other system delivers the end-to-end multilayered security needed to protect systems, employees, and patients.

No Hardware, Minimal IT Support Required

Information technology implementations are typically riddled with challenges: ease-of-use issues, hardware costs, server set-ups, over-use of stretched IT resources and workflow changes. Because they are cloud-based and support the use of all devices (PCs, Mac's, tablets, smartphones), no additional hardware is required and products can be up and running in a matter of days. ShareSafe products not only require minimal on-going IT support, they ease all of IT’s implementation burdens.

Rapid Adoption

ShareSafe has taken a collective design approach in meeting the needs of end users as well as the organization’s. Our products are intuitive and require little to no training. Having incorporated Web 2.0 tools in its design (like that of Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google and YouTube), ShareSafe’s products are very easy to use. Broad reach and usability are the keys to ShareSafe’s rapid adoption curve.


ShareSafe’s cloud-based products are built and designed to scale from small enterprises to global enterprises or from hundreds of users to thousands of users. Its powerful technology framework is easily customizable and extensible, working hand-in-hand with other applications, and filling the communication gaps between them or including them in ShareSafe’s protective ecosystem. ShareSafe grows with your organization—in volume and in functionality—allowing you to shape and mold it to your organizational needs.

ShareSafe’s Unified Platform is changing the way we interact, create and learn.


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Unified Platform