Technology adoption begins with ease of access. ShareSafe offers SafeShield, the first biometric mobile identity authentication system in the healthcare industry—and the only one that significantly enhances physician and staff efficiency and satisfaction while substantially reducing cybersecurity risks. SafeShield eliminates the challenges of passwords, badges, physical tokens and keys with a secure mobile app that uses the biometric capabilities of the smartphone to allow users login access to communication, education, EHR and other critical applications with just the touch of a finger.

Providing multifactor authentication, the SafeShield mobile app essentially eliminates one of the biggest sources of network intrusions and data breaches: stolen or compromised credentials. As the Verizon 2015 Breach Report states, “...credentials are literally the keys to the digital kingdom”, accounting for 95% of information security lapses. Their advice: Improve credentials security with a second factor, such as a mobile app, and monitor login activity with an eye out for unusual patterns.

SafeShield takes credentials security well past the two-factor authentication suggested by the Verizon report. It offers a wide variety of options that include interactive and proximity-based authentication as well as crypto graphical links to the user. With SafeShield, you can choose the options that suit the unique security needs of your organization:



Users authenticate using their fingerprints on iOS devices (iPhones). As mobile devices advance to allow facial and voice recognition, SafeShield’s breakthrough technology is equipped to support them, allowing organizations to prepare security management programs to grow and adapt for the future.

Digital Certificates

Each client device includes its own signed certificate in every server request. The SafeShield server matches the client certificate with the copy from its own database to ensure the request is made by a legitimate SafeShield-enabled device.

Dynamic QR Codes

Users can access ShareSafe’s web-based portal and mobile applications as well as unlock workstations and doors by scanning a time-based QR code. This ensures the security risk associated with a stolen QR code is minimal and prevents replay attacks.


Network administrators can set restrictions for how SafeShield badges are used, based on geographic location for better control and security over network resources. Using the smartphone’s GPS and Bluetooth functions, SafeShield can be set to allow only users in certain locations to access systems. Additionally, users can lock and unlock workstations based on their Bluetooth proximity.

Time Fencing

Network administrators set restrictions for how SafeShield badges are used, based on time; for example, verifying employee IDs against work schedules.

Dual Authorization Fencing

SafeShield can require specific systems and doors to only be accessible if two or more people submit simultaneous requests.

Many organizations continue to secure physical assets and entryways with plastic badges and keys, regardless of little improvement over decades of use. These outdated methods of physical security are a huge liability. They can easily be lost, stolen, or counterfeited. SafeShield replaces these obsolete methods of authentication with mobile identity badges, allowing users to securely open doors and other physical gateways simply by walking up to them.

SafeShield is a revolutionary enterprise authentication platform that delivers security, functionality and password management— providing a next generation identity authentication and cybersecurity tool.

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