Safely connect and engage the members of your organization in ways never before possible with SafeConnect, ShareSafe’s advanced communication technology. SafeConnect elevates communication by seamlessly integrating the primary ways we connect today with the ability to rapidly create, upload, locate and access critical content in any format.  Its advanced video and document libraries, combined with a powerful search engine, improve management’s ability to reach team members and offer a sustainable system for onboarding new staff into the culture of an organization.

Housed in one application, SafeConnect's intuitive user interface makes it simple to navigate between modes of communication for the care team:

  • Messaging - an easy-to-use texting solution that encrypts all messages and transmits them via mobile phones, PCs and MACs.
  • Mail - a private, internal e-mail system that significantly improves efficiency and security by eliminating spam and the risk of Email breaches.
  • Live Video Messaging - real-time, face to face video messaging to save time and improve the effectiveness of information exchange.
  • Collaboration - synergetic software with private groups and communities to support real work in virtual meetings.

Combining its technologies, SafeConnect redefines workflow efficiency and communication, making it faster, easier and more secure. Experience the new generation of advanced communication.


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